Press Shop

All press components inluding Frames, legs clamps, condenser cover, fan blades are manufactured here using sophisticated and well maintained tools having testing and gauging facilities.

Machinery Shop

Turning operations for End covers and shafts of exhaust fans are carried out at our CNC centre housing CNC machines. Controlled and repeated accuracy along with desired finish is possible specially in the bearing housing of end covers very essential for ensuring maximum life of bearings.

Raw Materials

Faridabad being an industrial town with good industrial market, all the raw materials required by the company are easily available in the Local market, Also Delhi being at just an hour’s distance, materials can be procured from Delhi too.

Assembly & Testing

Varnish & Vacuum Impregnation

Coils are wound on Semi-automatic machines and tested on profile tester for any intraturn shorts, grounds etc. Varnishing is done by Vacuum Impregnation method ensuring 100% removal of moisture & deep penetration of varnish in the inner core of coils thereby eliminating the chances of bubbles burst & ruptures of insulation of Wire, also proper curing prevents the rupture of wire because the relative motion of the wires is avoided. Ours is the one of the very few companies who has adopted this very important process in the manufacture of exhaust fans. This has helped in reducing rejections & ensured better life for exhaust fans.

Assembly & Testing

Photo of tunnel test and assembly area finished goods area Before assembly all components are properly checked using various tools, fixtures and gauges. Parts are powder coated and checked. The assembly is carried out in clean dust free room and tested as per IS:2312:1967 for various test including input values of current, P.F. watts etc. insulation resistance, H.V test, Heat run test and air delivery test using the tunnel method as specified in IS:2312:1967. All tests are properly recorded for future reference. Tested goods are then packed and properly stored in the dispatch section with proper identification.

Balancing Machine

The Fan Blades are Dynamically balanced to reduce vibration thereby ensuring maximum life of bearing whereas most of our competitors use the age old system of static balancing.

List of Machinery & Instruments